You know… This Blog Thing Was a Lot Easier When…

  1. I didn’t have to drive 80 miles to work every day at the same time everyone else is driving to work.
  2. I had more than 2-3 hours of useful mental time before and after work to spend with kids, wife and do other income producing projects… All before I could blog.
  3. I could work from home and blog whenever I liked.
  4. I didn’t have a blog-block most of the time as is the case lately.
  5. My co-bloggers were covering my slack!

And on and on it seems.

So many good things to blog about and so little time.

Topics like:

  • The NY Press newspaper that ran a cover and article about the 52 funniest things about the upcoming death of the Pope.
  • The new weekly catechetical talks I am going to start arranging at my parish.
  • The health and suffering of the Holy Father.
  • The constant back and forth between Catholics who are social and economic conservatives vs. Catholics who are social and economic liberals, all claiming orthodoxy for themselves and hypocrisy or heterodoxy for the the others. See a blogpost over at Open Book by Amy Wellborn for some good examples here. These are just the latest I have seen. Lots of other examples.
  • Lent and its meaning and what I am encountering this year.
  • Recent Yahoo group “discussions” with someone claiming to be a cradle Catholic and still a Catholic, yet using every fundamentalist/anti-Catholic tactic in the book to disprove the primacy of Peter, his residency in Rome and a host of other topics.
  • Recent theological discussions at work that have been truly fascinating with a co-worker that is Baptist with a lapsed Catholic wife (now Baptist) and Catholic in-laws.

Better get back to work…

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