Yet Another Reason Why the West is Mission Territory

Saw this story this morning and didn’t have time to blog it unfortunately. Had to get this in though.

Germans Force Women Into Prostitution is the story.

Man, Fric… There you go again. Making stuff up.

Nope. Germany has some interesting laws and lack of laws concerning unemployment benefits and brothels. Brothels are legal in Germany. They pay taxes and the workers get health coverage. The owners also get access to state employment applicants. Apparently, there have been lawsuits or the threat of them for not carrying brothel ads. And if a girl is sent to one for an interview, but won’t take the job, she can lose her unemployment benefits for refusing a valid, legal job.

There was some thought of making an exception for brothels but the Germans decided it would be too hard to differentiate between some bars/nightclubs and a normal brothel. So they dropped the exception.

So a law legalizing and normalizing brothels that was designed to stop women from being forced into sexual servitude has instead done just that. Only the difference now is that it isn’t even shady, sleazy pimps. This time it’s the GOVERNMENT! And it’s all legal. Take the job or lose your benefits.

What has happened to the culture there that makes this all right to begin with? What is wrong with the culture that says that you can have anything done to your body for money and it’s all right? Where are the feminists and liberals on this?

When you give too much power to the State, this is what you get. People are not persons. They are just bodies in the economy. There is no distinction between good and evil. Just do what you are told. It also proves the maxim that if the government desires less of something, it should tax it and regulate it to death. If it wants to promote something, reduce the red tape, taxes and regulation. Make it no different than anything else. Now sex for money is equal to being a doctor or nurse or teacher or cook or accountant in Germany.

May God have mercy on them.

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