Where’s Everyone At?

OK… OK… I don’t know about the rest of the Maniacs, but my schedule has been crazy with 3 hours a day taken up by a drive to another city each day. Very draining physically and mentally. There are times I have wanted to blog, but couldn’t the synapses to fire between my brain and my fingers.

Anyway, since I last posted anything much less anything regularly we have had a LOT of stuff happen in the world of Catholicism and related stuff.

Actually, when you are Catholic, it’s ALL related. But I digress. I plan on hitting some relevant stuff relating to Kerry, Bush, the two Missusses and a bunch of other stuff too. Hopefully going to start doing at least a topic a day. We’ll see.

And of course, the OTHER Maniacs can also pipe in.

Hint… Hint…

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