Where have all the Maniacs gone?

Ah yes… The Maniacs.

Where have we all gone?

Well, that’s a good question. I know Deacon is busy with family and… well, Diaconate classes as well as being a team member for a local group doing regular talks on the faith.

Heathenboy is also busy with family and his true passion in life. Football. He’s busy studying all possibilities for the coming Fantasy Football Season and his Ronald Wilson Reagan Fantasy Football League.

Guvnur is busy with a new sitch in Indianapolis so we don’t even get to see him much.

So… What’s your excuse, Fric?

Huh? What? Me? Oh. Well… Ah. Hmmmmmmnnnnnn….



OK. Besides the 2.5 to 3 hours on the road to and from work, side projects and trying to get an adult catechesis series started at my parish, I really have no excuse. I long for the days when I worked from home mostly. I could post any time I felt like it. Now it takes serious mental effort. Plus I have been in something of a writing funk for a while. I had so much I wanted to say about the death of John Paul the Great and the election of the new Pope, Benedict XVI. But I just couldn’t get coherent to do it.

I hope to get some projects in and posted here soon though. I am working on a defense and explanation of the Real Presence for the wife of a colleague at work. She is a lapsed Catholic, now a Southern Baptist. Her mom is desperate to get her back into the Church and keeps trying to get her to receive Communion. Of course this is a no-no and the daughter won’t do it. But she did ask her husband about the RP and whether we think it’s actually the flesh and blood.

So, I am going to put together what I hope will be a short tract and give her a copy. Maybe that will help them both understand the faith a bit more. I will post it here when done.

In addition I am working on the outline we will be using for our 4 part series, The ABC’s of Being Catholic, that will kick off our adult catechesis series. We will be doing a quick overview of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and doing a Q&A after each session. If it goes decently, this will kick off a weekly series of talks. I will probably post that here as well.

Beyond that, I have bunch of other projects in mind, but don’t think I will get to many of them this summer. Not unless I start working from home again. And that would be bad for the bank account since that usually means I am between major consulting gigs.

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