What never changes

Its hard to believe I have now been out of Louisville KY for a year and a half. In fact I have not seen any of the Maniacs since the Christmas of 04 though we do converse by email often. Some things a person would like to think are unchangable but the older I get and the more time goes by I have to reevaluate my opinions of things and sometimes it takes acceptance that things have evolved into things different then when they started or the changes are more subdued. I myself did not stop to consider that a year would have went by since I had seen the other Maniacs in a face to face visit and to be honest I cannot say when it may occur.

Life has been very good this last year and a half though I cannot say it was what I expected or had planned but that is always the great thing that a person cannot predict nor always plan thier course. I cannot claim these days to be an example of the by the book Catholic though it is also very true that my faith is still present and strong.

In short I hope to make the time to start posting and responding again but these postings and responses will most likely not mirror what I would have written a year ago. Of course that gets back to the title “What never changes”. This I am sure would have a different responsive from everyone for life is ever changing and presenting new information that we use to form ourselves.

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year to come and I hope that everyone has the faith to let the changes of life make them stronger

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