Wandering In The Wilderness

First off I would like to extend a very kind thanks to Fric for allowing me the honor of posting my own humble thoughts on CatholicManiacs.

Ummmm I think revert may be a bit strong of a word for me. It sounds as if I had went to some other religion which was not the case. I never completely cut ties with the Catholic Church and never thought of myself as anything less then Catholic. Though I do now see that is a contradiction in itself. The problem with being born and growing up Catholic is sometimes difficult during that changing time of teenage years when your faith is still immature and very fragile when it comes face to face with the “Real World” it does not always mature into an adult faith. It was at this time that I truely began my wandering that lasted for about 17 years before my journey back to a solid faith over the last two years.

I heard a Franciscan Missionary, Fr Jim Van Dorn last week say a statement that I found very meaningful. ” When we are ready to listen we will hear things we have never heard before and the things we have heard will be new” That is what happened to me about two years ago as I began the jouney back to the Mother Church and I continue to hear new things everyday.

I look forward to sharing my comments on what is occuring in todays world where the Faith is concerned and sharing some of my previous journeys and the magnificent journey that lies ahead.

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  1. Fric

    Guvnur… Glad to have you here my friend. And perhaps I should have used a similar term, relapsed, instead of revert. Though I have seen some who have come home again call themselves reverts who have similar stories.

    It’s funny too… Most cradle Catholics who don’t totally repudiate their faith, and some that do, seem to still consider themselves Catholic. Kind of like being Jewish is both religious and racial. Kind of ties into a blog entry I am toying with doing.

    Welcome aboard!

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