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The President of VOTF publicly shows his true intentions in my opinion. He is pissed because there are Bishops in the Church who DARE to uphold the timeless teaching of the Church. VOTF has so far stayed out of most non-abuse issues in the Church, but this guy felt the need to speak out in support of gay marriage. Note that he isn’t speaking out against discrimination against the person. He thinks gays ought to get married if they want.

Remember the third goal of this group?

Promote and form structural change in the Church.

That goal, taken in context with the people who are leaders in this group, what they say privately at meetings and now publicly and who speaks at their events and what you have are liberal Episcopalians. These people are no longer objectively Catholic in my opinion.


Because they are rejecting key portions of the faith. These are:

1. Authority of the Bishops

2. Clear Scriptural teachings

3. The meaning and role of the Eucharist

The last one you may question. But look at the middle of the article where he regrets the politicization of the Eucharist. He basicly says that it’s not proper to deny communion. Well, Canon 915 states that a person that publicly and obstinately persists in grave sin may be denied. As Cardinal Arinze says, if the should not receive, they should not be given. For the good of the person they should be denied per St. Paul’s directive to not receive in a state of sin or be guilty of the body and blood yourself.

The group’s intention seems to be to conform the Church to modern sensibilities. Anyone with half a brain should see this. Those that don’t, probably agree with VOTF. The Church CANNOT and MUST NOT conform to modern sensibilities. Doing so, would strip the Church of its authority and role.

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