Vatican Tells Experimenters to Stop @%&*ing With the Liturgy!

OK. Maybe those words are too strong. But from what I have read in the document and reviews of it, they are specific and adamant that certain things stop. I for one am ecstatic about this. Even though I am a convert of just two years, it truly drives me to distraction when I hear about abuses or see the rare one at my own parish.

One of the things I believe God’s Grace granted me early on in my conversion process was that Catholics do just about EVERYTHING for a reason. Especially in the liturgy. We genuflect to the tabernacle (not the altar or Crucifix if one is there as some believe) because we acknowledge the presence of our Lord. We bow when the power of the Holy Spirit is mentioned conceiving Christ when reciting the Creed because He too is God. Everything is done for a reason, but after 2000 years, it’s hard to keep track of it all for us pew-sitters.

This document will be seen as one of the most important to come from Rome in a long time in my opinion. As I read more and get the chance, I will comment on it further.

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