This Ought to be Good… NOT!

Dems in Congress are getting ready a Catholic Scorecard so they can compare their voting records to those of Republicans on issues identified as a high priority by the USCCB. I quote:

…the scorecard will compare the votes of Catholic members of both parties on a issues defined as legislative priorities by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, including partial-birth abortion, human cloning, child tax credits, the Defense of Marriage Act, AIDS relief funding, assistance to needy families, and raising the minimum wage.

A few things…

1. This is really funny. This is like pouring gas on the fire.

2. The USCCB is notoriously liberal in their political and social outlook. Therefore I expect to see a lot of socialist slants to the issues on this list.

3. Notice that these all seem to be given equal consideration. Read the whole article too. Notice that the word abortion only appears as part of the term “partial birth abortion”. Instead, the leftist codeword, “CHOICE” is listed.

Here’s a great quote from Peter King from New York.

Rep. Peter King, R-New York, told The Hill that both the bishops and the Democrats are confusing means with motives. “Many of the issues they’re talking about really have nothing to do with actual Catholic teaching or religion,” he said. “It is interpretation of economic policy.”

This guy is my hero. He has correctly identified the problem with the Bishops and even the Pope sometimes. Just because you are liberal politically/socially doesn’t mean that you’re views are now Catholic TEACHING on the subject!

This is also what I blogged about several days ago. The whole idea that you can equate the minimum wage or “social justice” (which apparently only means whatever Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want it to mean when they want it to) with abortion, fetal stem cell research or gay marriage is totally ludicrous.

Unfortunately, we have so many poorly catechised Catholics out there that keep voting for pro-abort Dems election after election because Kennedy was a Dem or because that’s the way it’s always been.


Kennedy, like the new JFK – John Kerry, publicly denounced his faith as far as I am concerned. When you tell the voters you won’t let your faith influence your voting, you cannot run as a Catholic anymore. It also tells the voter who is at least half-awake, and those dozen of you know who you are, that this person has no center… No soul. They stand for nothing at all if they won’t stand for their faith in the public arena. Early Christians were fed to the lions or crucified for just stating their belief. Yet Kerry and these Dems can’t even stand up to the heat of their money men?

They have sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver. At least Judas Iscariot realized what he did and was sorrowful for what he did. Let’s hope these Dems also realize and accept the grace of our Lord to ask for forgiveness, unlike Judas.

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