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Hey guys… Been really busy with this new contract of late. It’s making even weekend blogging a hard thing to come by. Had a couple of minutes and I wanted to make a point or two.

Every liberal, pro-abort, big-government, socialist Democrat in America can go to any church in the country and make speeches at Sunday services to promote their campaigns.

Why anyone should find this incongruous I don’t know…

A few brave Catholic Bishops and a well-placed Cardinal or two remind people that if you hold positions contrary to the Church on certain issues, you are in a state of sin, possibly grave. Specifically when it comes to certain non-negotiables like abortion, gay “marriage”, euthanasia, human cloning and embryonic stem cell research… But mostly abortion. If you hold these contrary positions publicly and continuously by voting for these things over and over, even after being corrected, you obstinately persist in grave sin and can be denied communion. Of course if you have any integrity you should refrain from it anyway, but that’s another story.

Along comes every social liberal screaming “Separation of Church and state!!!!”

My response is…


The constitution does NOT require anyone to leave their religion at the altar each Sunday. It simply requires that no laws be made by Congress (and the states as of the 14th Amendment I think it is) to establish a national (or state) church like the Church of England for instance. It also requires that no laws prohibit the free exercise of religion, which used to be understood that the state can’t persecute minority religions. As a Catholic that is important considering the severe and forgotten discrimination Catholics faced for much of this country’s history.

That said, I’d also like someone to show me a quote or comment by any Bishop or Cardinal or Pope that tells any politician how to vote. That is what these liberals are screaming about isn’t it? But I don’t see it happening. I see them telling these politicians that there are consequences to their votes and they must recognize that.

Of course to a liberal, telling them there are consequences to things they do is tantamount to telling them not to do something. They don’t like being told there are responsibilities that go along with rights and that no right is unlimited. They don’t like limits unless it’s on someone else.

Definition: A liberal is someone whose interests are not at stake at the moment.

Anyway, the thing that always annoys me the most is the hypocrisy of these guys. Dems can go preach on Sunday all day long all the time. Yet the Catholic Church can’t remind it’s own members of the rules governing this venerable 2000 year institution? Outside of Mass? Privately? Publicly? At all?

And what about this idea that the Church should be stripped of its tax-exempt status? Hello!!! Anybody seen what liberal think tanks, the unions and who knows how many non-profits do to get Democrats elected, never mind members’ opinions. What about their status?

Finally, I find it very chilling indeed that no one seems to be screaming from the rooftops about this on the civil liberties, libertarian or conservative side at all. Does no one see this attempt by non-governmental groups and individual politicians as a sly way to silence us without actually using direct government actions? When you silence the biggest one, what’s to stop these people from silencing the rest of us? There is a direct and definite movement (has been for years really) to silence any kind of thought, idea, voting, legislation and candidate that may have any kind of influence from religion. Especially Christian.

This effectively removes any devout believer from ever holding office or a position of authority.


Because no one… NO ONE… can separate their conscience from their voting or support for things. What you support shows your values and your conscience quite nicely. You can’t truly be personally opposed to something and then say others should have the right to do it when you are talking about something like abortion. If you believe abortion to be killing a baby, then how can you say you can’t force your religion on others?

Can you be personally opposed to slavery, but not want to impose that belief on others?

What about rape?


Child molestation?

It’s simply not possible. Everyone’s conscience is formed by their belief or lackthereof in religious precepts. It’s part of what separates us from the beasts of the wild.

It seems to me that some of us are closing that gap though. Day by day. Abortion by abortion.

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