Steve Kellmeyer Nails It

Steve K. is the author of Sex and the Sacred City, a great little book on John Paul’s Theology of the Body. He is the pre-eminent expert I know of on issues of sexuality, marriage and the Church. He has written an awesome blog entry about how Christians basically lost the wars against divorce, abortion, gay issues, etc. in 1930 when Christians (except the One True Church) in this country and elsewhere rolled over on contraception. That changed how we viewed each other and our sexual relations. Sex was no longer a procreative act, but rather a means to personal pleasure. Your partner is really no longer a partner. He or she is now an object whose purpose is to please you. This has especially become true of men’s attitude toward women. Read it.


  1. alicia

    so sad, so true. our only weapons are prayer and fasting, and the grace of God.
    I had this conversation recently with a bunch of kids in Confirmation prep, they just didn’t understand why the church was opposed to just letting ‘gays’ do their thing.

  2. Fric

    Alicia, THAT is sad. To be that old and getting ready for confirmation and yet have no idea why the Church believe what it does on this issue. Amazing and, I fear, not uncommon at all. This is why I am going to become a certified catechist as a start and teach the faith. We have a problem with proper formation at all levels of the Church. This is also why I am going to go through thost Catechisms with my girls. Got them last week and my oldest is already reading and browsing through them on her own. 🙂

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