Someone Took a Wrong Turn I Think…

OK… Added SiteMeter today so I could finally track the comings and goings and see who sends me visitors and who links me, etc. etc.

So I look a minute ago and see that I had my first visitor. It was someone in Massachusets and they came here from Google.


Then I look to see what they Googled.

“Catholic blogs” voice of the faithful

They found a post from June 2004 about Catholic blogs titled “How Do You Like Your Dox… Hetero or Ortho?

Heh. Since they only visited one page, I can only presume they moved on quickly.

You’d think in MA all they’d have to do is ask practically anyone. From the positive coverage in the press, one would think everyone in MA is already a member.

Maybe they just moved to town?

Who knows. Just thought it was funny.

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