Scott Hahn Hits the Big Time

How else do you put the sighting of Scott Hahn’s books, First Comes Love, Hail Holy Queen, The Lamb’s Supper, Lord Have Mercy and Swear to God at Sam’s Club?

That’s right, the secular, nothing but pop-Protestant book carrier has actually stooped to putting the books of one of the best Catholic authors on their shelves. To be fair, I don’t want to say that they purposely exclude Catholic materials, but they sure do carry a lot of Joyce Meyer, Tim Lahaye and Rick Warren stuff. Lots of Bibles, all missing the deuterocanonicals, except the rare Catholic version of the Precious Moments Bible. Lots of stuff not particularly Catholic is my point.

I just about fell over when I saw them, especially the new one Swear to God. All of these books retail at $19.95, but you can get them at Sam’s Club for only $13.88. I’d suggest you get all of them at Sam’s, except that some Protestants may accidentally pick them up and start down the path to the Church.

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