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Alicia, one of our regular commenters (or our only regular commenter), suggested a catechism by Cardinal Gasparri. It seems to be about 40-60 years old depending on the version you find. I did a search at and found a bunch of titles for Gasparri. The book is called Catholic Catechism and seems to run at about $10 there. Some copies may be lower, some higher.

Thanks Alicia!

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  1. alicia

    It comes in various editions as there are actually 3 parts (as is traditional). Part 1 is very simple, meant to prepare for first communion, part 2 is for older children, and part 3 for adults or near adults (such as converts). My copy is a second printing from 1932 that is blessed with pencilled in comments from the original owner. It has 482 pages and corresponds to # 9 on your search list.
    You may also appreciate the content of the introduction, as it speaks to the decree Quam Singulari, about the admission of younger (then at that time customary) children to Holy Communion and the need for continued catechesis after that event.
    I also purchased a part one to give to a couple of young parents who we are sort of mentoring in parenting for their young children.

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