RCIA Process

Last week I gave my last scheduled talk for RCIA this year. Did a talk on the Eucharist. I spent quite a bit of time on it and prepared a ton of information. Never got to finish all the things I wanted to put in it, which is not uncommon. Last thing I did was to type up the bullet list of things about the Eucharist that I wrote out at lunch one day.

Turns out, that was what I spent most of my time on. Ah well. I covered the Eucharist in context of Mass and who can receive it and Who the Eucharist is and where we get our reasoning from. Then I spent some time walking everyone through the Eurcharist as foretold in the Old Testament and the New.

In a later post I plan on posting my ideas on the Eucharist as the Gospel Message in Sacramental form and how the Fall in Genesis has Eucharistic tones and prophetic elements. Have some more research to finish there.


  1. Pat Friel/Gilbertsville Pa

    I have been part of my parish RCIA Team for 18 years and every year I come away with much more than I ever contributed! One lesson stands in mind: Faith is not what we know, but what we live! May the words and lessons you share be HIS words……let the HolySpirit do the rest! Many blessings!

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