Pointing Out That It’s a BABY May Become Illegal in NY

According to Catholic World News…

A bill before the New York Legislature would make it illegal for crisis pregnancy centers to refer pregnant women for ultrasounds.

This is extremely chilling for those working the front on the abortion war.

According to the April issue of Catholic World Report magazine, a study carried out at a network of crisis pregnancy centers in Massachusetts found that the percentage of women contemplating abortion who chose to continue their pregnancies jumped from 33 percent to 65 percent if ultrasounds were offered. Overall, when including missed diagnoses of miscarriage– which were found with the ultrasound– the percentage of women choosing not to have an abortion for any reason jumped from 39 percent to over 75 percent.

In other words if you prove that it’s a baby, the maternal instinct will kick in. I am still flabbergasted at the other 25% though.

This is still a huge free speech issue. Also included in the article was the reasoning that if too many ultrasounds are harmful to the health of the child and mother…

Well what the hell is an abortion then? Mildly irritating?


  1. guvnur

    The harm an ultrasound would do to a baby is comparable to the harm that artificial sweetner causes cancer from drinking to many diet soda’s, yeah if you drank a million the concentration may cause the cancer that it did in mice. Ok so the million may be strecthing it some but it would amount to the same thing. For Ultrasound to be destructive to the child it would have to be a constant bombardment. Ultrasound has been going on to long and even improved in its safety since its implication. Maybe its all those wonderful lifestyles out there that could be harmful to the baby. Lets see now oh yeah Ms. Crackhead did your baby have problems? Oh it did well maybe it was the ultrasound that did it. Well ……….here it comes …… can we say WELL DUH!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    not really anonymous – alicia here from fructusventris. I refuse to submit to blogger!
    What is interesting to me is that most abortion clinics do use ultrasound to date pregnancies in order to determine the kind of procedure to use. Also, I get people coming into the clinic where I work asking to have an US so that they can find out if they are ‘too late’ to have an abortion.
    I used to be very hesitant to order US for those contemplating abortion, but since I have seen it change minds I have also changed my mind, and now will order them. But there are still those out there who will freely acknowledge that what they are doing in abortion is ending a human life, and still choose to do so. That to me is truly scary.

  3. Fric

    Alica… Yes. That is really scary. It blows me away that people can agree that it is a baby and still perform and/or have the abortion. That is moral bankruptcy at it’s worst. Guvnur was relating something recently that he had seen that ultrasounds were found to be dangerous in the same way scientists determine things are carcinogins. You know they feed a rat the relative equivalent of 4 tons of artifial sweetener and are astounded that it gets cancer! 🙂 He related that ultrasounds were tested in a similar way. They subjected the test subject to an absurd amount of them and determined they were unsafe. Don’t have the references unfortunately to back this up, but it is consistent with how much of that kind of testing is done.

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