Our New Shepherd – Bishop Joseph Kurtz

Well, the maniacs are back on the air!

Well, this one anyway.

First of all I must apologize for being away for so long. My last post was almost three years ago to the day and I will not bore you with excuses for why and the business that being a father and a Deacon in formation carries with it a busy-ness that we all understand and frankly don’t want to hear about anyway.

The Holy Spirit has whupped me upside the head with the proverbial frying pan to get back and comment upon all things Catholic, so here I am – back and better than ever!

What led to this epiphany was, I suppose, the extremely exciting news received yesterday that our Archdiocese (Louisville) is to receive our new shepherd, Bishop Joseph Kurtz (now formerly) from Knoxville.

I have to say that, of course, I am well pleased.

He is 60 years old and an active runner they say, and the energy which he seems to have is something that will be of great blessing to all of us. He drives himself everywhere, and indeed drove up from Knoxville for the formal announcement at 4:00 AM so he could keep his already scheduled visit to the local prison the night before! That’s commitment, energy and an enthusiasm we certainly love to see! Archbishop Kelly has seemed to have lost a lot of his earlier vitality – age and all that’s happened here in the last few years makes this easily understandable – and I think that the change will be noted quite vividly in all manner of ways.

Being somewhat on the “inside” by my Diaconal formation, I seem to be coming more and more into contact with all manner of clergy and administrators within the Archdiocese, and the general consensus on BOTH sides of the political spectrum – and I mean both sides inclusive of their respective extreme ends as well here – is that they all want a strong LEADER, period. The overwhelming opinion of anyone and everyone, from those who are kind and intelligent in their talk to those who flame every word they speak or write – is that they want someone who will say “Do it this way (and I’ll even tell you why.)”

Archbishop Kurtz will have many issues to solve, and those that get mentioned a lot are always the ones with someones vested interests attached it seems. Nevertheless, the people here wish unanimously to be LED, and most aren’t afraid of that concept, even if it might mean not hearing what they want to hear.

And that for me, is quite refreshing.

I was once told that be careful of praying for a “Law and Order” Bishop, because invariably swinging the axe creates far more casualties on all sides than may be prudent. There’s no question that a renewal is needed here, as is inevitable everywhere at the proper times, but I think that we are receiving someone who knows the truth, is not afraid to state it clearly and authoritatively, but with the kindness and clarity that compels everyone to follow him joyfully to where he wants us to go.

And again, I am well pleased.

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