Once More Unto the Breach

If you look at the post dates on this blog, you’ll see that there’s more time spent NOT posting than posting. You’ll also notice that there’s also several posts like this one. Restarting. Beginning anew. Etc. Etc.

Writing about things I am passionate about, such as my faith, has always given me joy. Lately though the need, not the desire – the NEED, to write has begun to take on urgency in my life. Not just blogging about the random event or idea, but real, serious writing about things. Creative, essays, articles, blogs.

I don’t know if God is telling me something, or if I’ve just got a lot to say and work out for myself through writing. Could be both. Either way, I am going to make the attempt. I’ve had a hand in several blogs over the years where I’ve posted about wildly different stuff. Probably going to do that again too. Most of that won’t show up here, but I am toying with the idea of posting all of my Diaconal material over at www.DeaconTim.com. Nothing there at the moment, but there will be. Check it out every so often.

Check back here too. Hopefully there will be at least a post a day, but I’d say there’s going to be at least 2 or 3 a week. Considering how often I have been posting, that’s practically an explosion of verbosity.

Thanks and have a BLESSED day!

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