Off topic, but interesting

Hey Mr. Fric, as our official unofficial moderator leader, something for you to look into. I posted a comment, and of course my HeathenBoy turned into a link. Well, it doesn’t link to a profile as I expected, it linked to a blog at Its a guy in Iraq. Weird wild small online world man. Here’s a sample, and it is excellent stuff.

Two words I wish had never been put together to form a cliche’

Exit Strategy. Every time I hear some nitwit use this euphemism for retreat I get annoyed. Exercising or even looking for an “exit strategy” other than victory is leaving a job half done and it dooms tens of thousands more to horrible painful deaths. I suppose some people think this really is all just a big chess game. The striking things about this place, like most of the other third-world places that I have visited are the contrasts. There is garbage everywhere, children missing limbs, huge opulent palaces that used to be occupied by Saddam and his cronies, to name just a few. You can tell the ones that are “better off” immediately by the fact that their clothes are clean. This is going to be an interesting year. One thing is sure: This will take longer than one year before we can even think about “exiting.” It will take as long as it takes.

Now its quite an honor to be associated even in this tangential way with this great guy, but how in the world does my HeathenBoy get linked to this fella?


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