Nothing new to the church reminding Public officials

The Politics of Communion

Church leaders who admonish politicians on moral issues are doing their jobs.

A Christianity Today editorial | posted 05/26/2004

In the centuries before Constantine “Christianized” the Roman Empire, the church was wary of politicians. Lists of professions that would bar a person from making gifts to the church, becoming a priest, or even being baptized included pimps, makers of idols, wrestlers, flute and zither players—and magistrates who “wear the purple” or do not deal justly.

One of these documents declares: “Anyone who is raised to a prefect’s authority or to the magistracy and who does not put on the justice of the gospel, let him be cut off from the flock and let the bishop not pray with him.” Church leaders have been admonishing politicians ever since.

Though this is not from a strict catholic source it does remind us that this has been going on since the beginning of the church and the church continued to survive. So for all those who cry foul that the church is not in line with their beliefs of contraception, abortion, gay marriages and any of the many other issues I did not list we will not bend to your paltry desires and will continue on more strongly with those who are truly faithful to its teachings.

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