Notes From the Church Teaches Forum

Wow… So busy, but since the Deacon hasn’t gotten off his Deke yet to post some notes, I figured I ought to. 🙂

Friday night Deacon, Mrs. Deacon, myself and Mrs. Fric met up at the Galt House for the first night of the Church Teaches Forum. The Forum is put on by Eternal Life, the organization co-founded by Fr. John A. Hardon. Fr. Hardon was an extraodinary individual. He was asked by the Holy Father to create a catechetical course that would eventually be put in use by Blessed Theresa of Calcutta’s Missionaries of Charity. That course is called the Marian Catechist.

Friday night we had Fr. Pavone as the main speaker. Fr. Pavone is of course the founder of Priests for Life. Fr. Pavone really hammered home the pro-life message. He was awesome. Never heard him speak before, so it was a real treat. All the speakers this year really hammered home the vital importance of these upcoming elections. Though not endorsing any one candidate, you could tell who they would be voting for. And I don’t think it’s the faux Catholic candidate.

Also had the chance to meet ArchBp. Burke and thank him for his courage in speaking out. We need more like him and I told him so. He was so humble it almost embarrassed ME! Then he asked me to pray for him. OK. Now THAT is humbling to me. I think I could use his praryers more, but he’s included on my list for sure. Cool thing was that I got to receive communion from ArchBp. Burke at the Mass on Saturday. That was very cool too.

Saturday was a long day of several speakers. All were really good. I especially liked Fr. Arnsparger and Fr. McCaffrey. Both have an excellent sense of humor and a way of getting the point across without sounding condescending.

After lunch and at the end of the day, I spent time in the vendors section. Got some great deals on books and a Catholic United for the Faith membership. Got the membership which includes a subscription to Lay Witness along with Catholic for a Reason Vol. I, II and III, Scripture Matters and Understanding Our Father by Scott Hahn and Servants of the Gospel… all for only $55! Awesome deal. Membership without the books is normally $40. The books retail for $12-15 each. Way cool. Also picked up all bit one of the remaining volumes I need in the Beginning Apologetics series. If you want to get a quick primer on essentials of the faith, plus how to defend them, pick this 8 book set up. Catholic Answers has it I believe. Finally, I picked up the Basic Catechist course of the Marian Catechists and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius by Fr. Hardon in book and MP3 CD forms. Spent a lot more money than I planned, but it was worth it. I am set on reading material for the rest of the year. 🙂

More blogging tomorrow…

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