Not All “Victims” Tell the Truth Either

A woman in France has admitted lying about 17 sex abuse and pedophilia accusations. She has caused one man to commit suicide and another almost died from his 93 day hunger strike. Marriages have ended in divorce. Children have been taken from parents. The man who committed suicide was incarcerated as a “preventative” measure.

Just to make the Catholic connection… The following is about a priest who was convicted as well.

‘People say that because he lived opposite Badaoui he must have known about the abuse and must be guilty of molesting children because he did not denounce his neighbours to the authorities,’ said Patrice Gence, a member of the committee. ‘But Dominique would not want to denounce people he cared for. He lived among the most unfortunate people in our society. He wanted to help them.’

So he was guilty by association. He knew these people and so he must be guilty. Not too different than how many of our faithful, orthodox priests have been treated.

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