NJ Governor Quits and Comes Out of the Closet

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OK. What to say here? Are we to be glad to see a pro-abortion governor gone? Or are we saddened to see what heart-ache and pain this is going to cause this man’s wife and children?

He had to come out and step down because it was going to cause conflicts for the state government? Was someone going to blackmail him? If so, was there something else going on here?

This is why the life issues are so important. This is why being chaste according to your status is so important.

On the other hand, I can also see some made for cable movies made about this man and the courageous choice he has made. All for the glory of homosexuality, never mind if that is why he came out or if he stays with his family. He will become an icon of the left most likely.


  1. HeathenBoy

    Missing the real deal on this Fric. All this is a distraction. McGreavy’s administration is mired in corruption and his poll numbers were in the dumper. This way he can get out and inflict minimal damage to the party (the opposite of Paul Patton). The November target for resignation makes sure that the quest for a replacement doesn’t overshadow Kerry. All in all though, it is generally a giant mess.

  2. Fric

    Heathenboy! Long time no posting by our resident Heathen… 🙂 Actually, I realize that there were political reasons that have everything to do with damage control, etc. That’s why he wants to wait until AFTER the November election to officially resign. If he goes now or at least before some time in September, NJ law requires a special election be held. Apparently the Dems are worried that they would lose the governorship and who know what else.

    That in no way invalidates my analysis from a Catholic/life issue perspective. In my opinion you can tie so much immorality, sin and basic outrageous behavior to the wrong stand on life issues. It hits at the core of human dignity and human rights. It also puts God outside of the realm of public discussion ultimately which of course hastens the downfall of societal virtue. (Whoa! I sounded almost Buckleyesque there.)

    Anyway, I am not saying that a practicing Catholic or a Republican never will have scandals of a sexual or other moral nature. I am saying that you almost invite those scandals by electing those that have wrong positions on the life issues.

  3. HeathenBoy

    I don’t know Fricster, that might be going a bit far. Not sure Buckley would approve of such a leap 😉 I don’t think being pro fetus vacuuming is necessarily an invitation to scandal, either moral or fiduciary. Certainly the moral cowardice involved in lying to family and constituents for many years could be an indicator of future public scandal. I mostly think this fella found an opportune moment to come to grips with his reality, thereby sweeping corruption investigations aside and preserving any chances his party had to retain the governorship. Beyond that, I’m not willing to go.

  4. HeathenBoy

    Of course I suppose the only way to know for sure is to either find a Buckley column on McGreavy or ask him. 😉 Now wouldn’t that be fun. Bill Buckley posting on CM. Maybe Jonah Goldberg or Rich Lowery could pass our invitation along for us. Think we could get CM linked from or mentioned on nationalreview.com?

  5. Fric

    I look at it this way… When you are so wrong on the moral issues it shows a malformed conscience from the beginning. Life issues are paramount. So are the other non-negotiables as the Church teaches. They attack the dignity of the person and the worth of a person at all stages of life and how we treat them as people and beings made in God’s image.

    So what happens when a person such as this is exposed to the power and money and temptations of politics? We are all sinners. When you take someone that has given in to sin on the most important issues of life, how much can you expect them to resist sin in other areas? The malformed conscience is, in my opinion, going to be much more culpable to scandal. It’s about connecting the dots here. To me the dots lead in a straight line.

    Now it’s also not to say that being so wrong on these issues guarantees scandal in other areas just as being correct does not guarantee freedom from scandal in other areas.

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