New Little Maniac Coming in October!

Greetings Fellow Maniacs!

Been busy obviously of late. No posting and all.

But I return with awesome news!

Mrs. Fric and I have been blessed with the impending arrival of a new little Maniac! This is our third child and the older two are actually excited rather than mortified. Considering the age differences (9 and 12 years when the baby gets here), that is pretty good. Samantha, our now middle child, keeps proclaiming that she is now the middle child. Apparently Emma, the oldest, has been oppressing her mightily and she is looking forward to some of that rolling down hill a little farther. 🙂

We are all excited about this. We will be finding out the gender when the time comes and will do some of those really cool 3-D pics in July. Can’t wait for that.

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