“Native American” not just for injuns

I know that’s going to get me in some hot water, but I really don’t care. I absolutely detest this “Native American” thing. If you don’t want to be called indians, I don’t mind. After all, that’s a cartography mistake to begin with. Go with the tribal names. That’s appropriate. But to call all descendants of those people living in the Americas when the evil (now) dead white guys showed up “Native Americans” is intellectually dishonest.

Do we call the non-white inhabitants of Africa “Native Africans”?

Do we call white inhabitants of Europe “Native Europeans”?

Of course not. The first would likely invoke images of tribal bushmen running around in loin cloths and that would be offensive. The second just sounds stupid and would probably make those dead white guys spin in their graves for being linked to the modern, spine-free versions that run around France anyway.

So why “Native Americans”?

I think to try to ram home the idea that we don’t really belong here. Also to get across the point that the US steals and is imperialistic. It’s about denying and protesting what gives you the very right to be the idiot you so obviously are in my opinion.

Besides, to be a native ANYTHING, you have to be born there. I was born in the US which happens to be in North America. That makes me a Native American just as much as anyone shaking down the not dead yet white guys at the casinos.

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