National Review has a 2 page blog article this week

Blog Guide 2004, a 2 page chart of important blogs, is part of this week’s National Review. CM didn’t make the chart, but there’s always next year. Among those who did make the cut, Instapundit, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn.

In addition, the role of bloggers in Rathergate is discussed, including in an article about the possibilities of additional “campaign finance” reform that is sure to surface in the wake of Swiftvets. If the MSM and lefties (and McCain) get their way, the day is soon coming when all we’ll get from the MSM is what a candidate wants us to hear. No private citizen or group will get any voice beyond a blog or website (and you can bet those will be under the scope next) in political campaigns.

Perhaps a bit off topic, but blogging has definitely arrived, and its fun to be a part of this world shaking little trend, even in this modest way.

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