More Proof that the Anglican Church is not Catholic

Anglicans have always liked to contend that they are the 3rd branch of Catholicism, the other two being Roman and the Orthodox churches. There are two problems with this idea. The first is that there cannot be branches of a single Church not acting in union with the other two. Can three separate branches of the same tree be ash, pine and oak?


Clearly each of a tree’s branches must be of the same substance as the others. They must be identical in makeup and design. This 3 Branch Theory is pure bunk.


Because the Anglicans no longer have valid Holy Orders. They changed the manner of ordination in such a substantial way that the procedure was no longer valid. My understanding of this was that the laying on of hands was removed. Later it was reinstituted… But after there were no longer any valid Bishops. That is why Leo XIII declared the orders to be likely invalid.

For proof of this invalidity we see that the Anglicans lead the way in apostasy in mainline Protestantism. They were the first to allow contraception. They now allow female priestesses. They have elevated to bishop an openly homosexual man who lives with his lover.

Now comes a rewrite of the Bible. Not just a new translation, but a change in wording that totally changes the meaning. I am posting the article below in it’s entirety:

Canterbury backs updated Bible

A new translation of the Bible which seems to contradict traditional Christian beliefs on sex has been backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The book, entitled “Good as New”, is aimed at refreshing the language and themes of the Bible for modern readers.

In the new version, St Paul’s advice that men and women should marry is replaced with they should have a “regular partner”.

Dr Rowan Williams says it is a book of “extraordinary power”.

But the Church of England leader admitted many readers would be startled by its content.

A passage from the standard version of his Letters to the Corinthians reads: “It is well for a man not to touch a woman. “But because of the temptation to immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.”

In the Good As New version the same passage reads: “Some of you think the best way to cope with sex is for men and women to keep right away from each other. That is more likely to lead to sexual offences. My advice is for everyone to have a regular partner.”

‘Epidemic profusion’

St Paul gives stronger advice in another section of the Corinthians.

“There’s nothing wrong with remaining single, like me. But if you know you have strong needs, get yourself a partner. Better than being frustrated,” he says in the new version.

John Benson, the former Baptist minister who translated the new book, made terminology changes throughout the book, such as replacing “demon possession” with “mental illness”.

Mr Benson also chose “God’s new world” in place of “kingdom of God”.

Dr Williams said he hoped the new translation would “spread in epidemic profusion through religious and irreligious alike”.

“Instead of being taken into a specialised religious frame of reference… we have here a vehicle for thinking and worshiping that is fully earthed, recognisably about our humanity,” he said.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Note the last paragraph…

“This is a vehicle for thinking and worshiping that is fully earthed, recognisably about our humanity.”

I thought the faith was not about our earthly life at all, but rather about our quest to know God, love God and serve God. It’s not about OUR humanity so much as it is about Christ’s humanity, taken on for us in order to save us from ourselves.

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