More Proof of European Culture Downturns

OK… We all have seen the reality shows, or at least seen them advertised. I never have chosen to watch one myself beyond the ones I see when my wife is watching TV. She prefers the makeover types as opposed to Surviror, etc.

Here in the USA we have had Temptation Island which was designed to induce couples to cheat on each other.

We have Bachelor and Bachelorette and Who Wants to Marry a Millionnaire, etc. etc. etc.

All of these type of shows objectify people in a sexual way. They treat sex as either the goal of all relationships or they see sex as a tool to get what you want. Catholic theology tells us this is intrinsically evil behavior by the way, because it totally takes sex outside the marital relationship and turns it into an instrument of self-gratification.

In England there is a new show… Sex Inspectors… that shows actual sex (though the naughty bits are supposedly pixelated) and then a sex therapist will critique the couples on technique. The show boasts that they help women achieve more orgasms and even quote one woman who called the therapist back to thank her. The therapist claims the show is NOT titillating. I suppose for British TV with its nudity and raunchiness, that may be true. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

It’s just another example of the Old World culture’s gasping, weezing slow death on the altar of liberalism, self-gratification at all costs and of course the all important it’s only sex.

Remember that often these things find their way here. Especially the British reality makeover shows. And is there a better makeover than teaching a woman to have an orgasm?


  1. Fric

    No. Of course not. But sexual activity done for outside of the marriage covenant, not open to life and/or solely for personal gratification is sinful. All three of these things inherently make the self and the partner(s) nothing more than sex objects. Objectification of any person or thing is a form of idolatry.

    Sex has a purpose and a role as revealed by God and that is within marriage and is unitive AND procreative. It is a mirror of the Trinity itself. Properly understood and practiced it is as sacred an act one can do. It is the total giving of oneself in love for the other. The Father does this and begets Jesus. Jesus does this as well. This mutual total giving and love breathes forth the Holy Spirit. We mirror are supposed to mirror that. We totally give of ourself to our spouse in the marital act and they return it. This mutual giving is so profound and deep that 9 months later you might have to give it a name… 🙂

    The point is that self gratification and the use of sex as recreation is disordered at best and idolatrous at worst.

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