More on that New Little Maniac…

Actually found this out not long after the last post, but it’s been busy, what with hand therapy, kids being out of school, etc. etc….

We are having a BOY!!!!!!


Not that I wouldn’t love another girl at all. Absolutely I would. But I am like every guy out there. We want a boy. A buddy. Someone who we can use to justify the purchase of war toys with. Luckily my girls are already into comic books so I was covered there. But now a whole different world is opened up. 🙂

So far the little guy is extremely active according to Mrs. Fric. He’s constantly on the move. I could feel his movements through Mom’s belly some time ago. Way earlier than the girls.

We are all excited about it too. The girls are happy to have a brother on the way.

Names are still an issue. At one time I wanted to name a boy after me… William Timothy. Since becoming Catholic, that doesn’t seem so important anymore. Not sure why, but I think my ego doesn’t need to be stroked that way anymore. Mrs. Fric still likes William though with Will for short. We are thinking William David to include her father. She also likes Patrick, Elijah and others. Not sure myself. She’s way more into it than I am right now. We’ve got time, right? 🙂

Please pray for a healthy baby and a safe delivery. Thanks!

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