Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s now the day after Christmas and all through the house…

There’s STUFF and bits and wrapping paper!

Though we didn’t go too overboard this year, it was still too much I think. As a kid I used to so look forward to Christmas. Not long ago I dreaded it. I couldn’t stand the commercialization and emphasis on STUFF. I can handle it a bit better now, but I think that is largely because of my conversion. I find being Catholic has given me a better grounding in preparing for Christmas than I used to have.

There’s more emphasis on the Reason for the Season as they say. And of course my girls are pretty good at giving out little reminders sometime.

Emma has started another blog by the way…

CatholicManiacs for Kids.

Her idea too. Check out the two posts she wrote so far. I am SOOOOOOOO proud of her.

Samantha made a special request to pray the Rosary last night with their new Rosary CD because it’s Jesus’ birthday.

These are the things that makes it all a joy amidst the secular bastardization of our Lord’s birth.

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