Mary Moments

Just read an article at Christianity Today in their Leadership Journal called Leader’s Insight: Mary Moments. It was a pretty good piece on how sometimes God will ask you to do something BIG and TOTALLY outside what you had planned, something that has huge implications for you, others and possibly the world.

I was pretty excited to see the Blessed Mother get mentioned. After all, CT is not a Catholic site. It’s run by Protestants. Though it is an excellent resource for a lot of things.

I agree that there are Mary Moments that God calls us to do things. But I think they happen way more than the writer realizes. Mary Moments to me are more embodied by the Miracle at Cana. The Blessed Mother’s last recorded words in the Gospels are “Do whatever HE tells you.”

That is the Mary Moment that we are all called to live. Each and every day. 24/7/365 with no exceptions. Mary Moments are not just for the big things God calls us to do. Mary Moments are all about our daily struggle to follow Christ and to do His will. That’s what the Blessed Mother always does. She shows us the way to her Son and Lord.

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