Love and Mercy

A while back I was discussing some of Thomas Merton’s writings and felt the urge to write a bit on it. Unfortunately I don’t have the excerpt where he was speaking of what his innermost spirit was saying to him that I was working off of at this time but I think what I wrote stands well enough on it own.

Lets see now what is my most innermost spirit saying to me.

Merton’s words in this are very good but they are what his innermost spirit is saying to him and does transcend to some parts of other peoples spirits in that the Source is the same but the direction may be different depending on each person in varying degrees. Most people never grasp what it is to be contemplative for even 15 min much less most of their lives and may never release their Call from the Lord but in one sense I digress from the original question which is what my most innermost spirit says to me.

His Call to my spirit is that of Love in its purest sense where there is no boundaries or restrictions that flows freely from so deep within that I know that the source is not only from my own imperfect emotions but from a source so pure we can only attempt to comprehend it. Within this thought my spirit struggles to try to perfect that which may be out of reach within our current corporeal form but we must make the effort to transcend to the highest level that we can in this life.

By attempting to achieve this level of Love we are living our Faith the best way we can trying to live His words that he gave us to live by and time after time preached mercy, forgiveness and love.

Everyday this is a struggle to achieve such a level of love but by being conscience of the effort and what it is we are trying to achieve we may find some small part of it. For being imperfect in our current form it is almost impossible to achieve the full level of what these tenants mean in their purest sense.

Unfortunately people today have forgotten what it means to accept love that is freely given and look for the “strings” that may be attached to it. They are fearful that anyone would willing want to be merciful towards them and are not able to show love to themselves and cannot conceive of it coming from another human being.

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