Lost Commentary and How It Should Have Ended

First off, the way it should have ended as seen at The Daily What.

Of course the ending of Lost has the blogosphere all a blogging and the twitterverse all atwitter. What did it mean? Which timeline was real? Was any of it real? What answers did we get and what didn’t we get?

Personally, I was both satisfied and disatisfied with the ending. Early on it was theorized that the island was Purgatory and that all the plane crash survivors were actually dead. It would seem that we had that idea backwards. The new Flash-Sideways scenes where the plane didn’t crash appear to be Purgatory. We can presume that the real world was the island since the people in the Flash-Sideways remembered that reality, not the other way around.

Catholic elements abound of course, from Charlie’s sign of the cross as he died to the church at the end, not to mention the whole Purgatory thing. Many are complaining about the Coexist window behind Jack and his Dad, saying that it means all religions lead to Heaven. That’s open to interpretation, which is true of just about all of the show. I see the window as a sign that all religions have at least SOME truth, but only the Catholic Church has the fullness since the window was a part of the Catholic Church they gathered in. This is a teaching of the Church by the way.

I liked that mostly everyone got a happy ending. Notably absent from the church and outside who we know did die were Michael (apparently doomed to an eternity of muttering on the island), Rousseau, Alex and Anna Lucia. Will they be along later? If the island was the real world, and he’s hanging around there whispering to people… Is he really in Hell or not? Do Rousseau and Alex remain behind because they are the “things” Ben still has to work out? Will they all come along together? What about Anna Lucia? She played a small role in getting Kate and the others sprung, so it would appear she is there in Purgatory along with many others like Charlotte, Whidmore and Daniel’s mother. I presume they will all enter the church later too.

The thing I disliked the most was that all these “Questions” that were setup in the previous episodes weren’t explained. I didn’t need a technical answer to it all, but I would like to have found out the following things:

  1. Who were the Others and how did they get there? They weren’t the descendents of the people Smokey lived with. His mother killed all of them.
  2. What is Smokey’s name???? I always thought it should Esau.
  3. What’s up with the Egyptian style statue? The temple? Why was Smokey not able to go to the temple?
  4. What was the light? Why did it turn the Man in Black into the smoke monster, but didn’t do that to Desmond and Jack? Was it because they were already (or on the way to being) purified?
  5. How did Jacob leave the island to touch everyone when the Man in Black couldn’t?
  6. How could Jacob kill his brother when Mom said it couldn’t happen?
  7. Time travel and the wheel. Why do the electromagnetic anomalies of the island affect time and space? How or why does the wheel apparently built by the original(?) inhabitants of the island (Man in Black’s people) move the island in space and time?

Seems like #7 and a lot of other things left asquestions were merely plot devices without meaning. To me that is like cheating. It’s saying, “I don’t have a frigging clue to what I am doing, but this sounds cool.”

There’s lots more I would like to know, but these are just off the top of my head.

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