Kerry’s False Catholicism

Just read the first part of a column by Phil Brennan over at Phil is a great writer and recently has really been standing up for the Faith. Here is a piece of the article…

In St. Louis on a campaign stop Killer Kerry backed away from a confrontation with St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke who had banned the Massachusetts senator from receiving Holy Communion when present in his archdiocese. A defiant Kerry told Time magazine that during a planned trip to St. Louis “I certainly intend to take Communion and continue to go to Mass as a Catholic.”

Oh Yeah? Instead of carrying out his threat, when he got there he went to a Black Baptist church and launched an attack on George Bush, thus running away from a confrontation with Archbishop Burke.

Man, you just have to love how Kerry is a “faithful” Catholic. The Pope has said Catholic pols must be pro-life. Boston’s new Bishop, O’Malley, has said pro-abort pols must not receive communion. Archbishop Burke, who is one of my heroes, has specifically singeled out pro-abort Catholics and told them not to show up in the communion line.

To most “faithful” Catholics, that’s a pretty good sign that someone who is pro-abort is out of step with the Church.

Not Kerry. Nope. Not only does he continually defy the teachings of the Church, he publically makes known his intention to defy the hierarchy. Then he cowardly backs out and goes to a Baptist church instead.

Not judging the man here, just his actions… does all this and to make matters worse he misses his Sunday obligation to go to Mass. Surely the man knows it’s an obligation?

This is why, in my opinion, we have the problems in the Church that we do. We have pro-abort Catholics that have been given a pass by the Bishops. Too few have taken the stand that Archbishop Burke has taken. Ever since John Kennedy declared that he would not allow his faith to influence his actions as President, Catholic pols have been given the nod to ignore Church teachings.

If Church teaching said abortion was OK, would Kerry then have to be pro-life? After all, we can’t let our religious views influence public policy can we?

Why can’t these people see everyone’s faith or lack of it influences their policy views? An agnostic, pagan, humanist all act on their beliefs. Why can’t Catholics and conservative Christians?

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