Its Never to late to answer a vocational calling,1713,BDC_2477_2887134,00.html

Father of 10 decides to become a priest after his wife’s death

Leonard had felt a similar calling to the priesthood as a child, and attended a high school seminary in Canton, Ohio. Then he met Mary. They had 10 children and had been married 42 years when she died of ovarian cancer in 1998.

It is against this backdrop that Leonard was ordained seven weeks ago. He had spent two years in a seminary in Maryland and two more years in residence at St. Kilian Church in New Bedford, Mass., where he recently became a parish priest. For the past three weeks, he has been saying Mass daily, along with presiding over funerals and baptisms, visiting the sick, and hearing confessions. The neophyte priest will be 71 years old in June.

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