Iraq and al-Qaida Collaborated on 9/11 Attacks

I have been hearing about the book Connections that details the relationship between the Osama’s group and Iraq. And of course, I had been hearing about all the little details for the last 2 years or so as well. This book collects them and lays out the story. I will buying it as soon as possible.

The Weekly Standard does a nice review of it.

I bring this up primarily to add to our discussion about Just War and Iraq. I have always held that the Iraq war was a Just War because of the behavior of Saddam and his attempts to gain WMDs, his cat and mouse games over inspections and his out and out violations of the cease-fire agreements and UN resolutions. I have also said that if there were any direct or overwhelming secondary evidence that linked Saddam to Osama, then the war in Iraq is a Just continuation of what we started in Afghanistan. I believe that the Pope did NOT condemn that war.

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