Interesting Phrase from Non-Catholics

I scan Dave Armstrong’s blog on a regular basis. Read it less regularly. Too much sometimes and too hard to track when he’s posting these virtural debates. But one trait I have noticed, especially from the more virulent anti-Catholics there and the fundies and evangelicals on the radio is a certain term.

The Clear/Plain Meaning of Scripture ™

How often have you heard someone argue a point of theology and refer to this? Usually it seems to be when referring to a passage that Catholics interpret in a, well… Catholic way.

Or they will refer to some specific doctrine that seems odd to Catholics or others and gloss over it by referring to the above phrase.

It’s kind of funny in a way. Can’t explain your position? Catholics refuted that one?

No problem!

“It’s all right there in Plain Meaning of the Scriptures!”

Gotta love that one. Many times I have listened to the local “Christian” radio station after the Catholic one goes off the air. I like to keep abreast of what the others do ya know. Never know when you might be exposed to some thing useful. Sometimes it’s pretty mundane. Sometimes it’s pretty good, actually.

But sometimes one of these radio preachers will say something that makes no sense at all. Or will make some weird “prophecy” about current events leading to the End Times. Eagerly I await some explanation to be amused with and BAM!

The Clear/Plain Meaning of Scripture!

Most of the time you don’t even get any proof texts or passages to refer to.

Ah well. If you can’t back it up, I guess it’s best to gloss it over.

Anyone else notice this?


  1. Deacon


    But seriously, I find this to be one of the most interesting comments regarding Apologetics I’ve ever seen, and for some reason one that has been, well, glossed over by most of us.

    This one is probably one of those “shut em down” catch phrases that inaedequate debaters use when they can’t debate the real issue, so they fling out one of these.

    Reminds me of “as long as you AJCAYPLAS” (“accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior”)

    I know, It doesn’t acronym well, but we’ve all heard it a million times as the last hand hold in Catholic/Protestant discussions. The one meant to trump them all, the one they think we can’t agrue with.

    But of course, in the end, it and “sola scriptura” are almost the only things we do argue against anyway. (slight exaggeration, but think about it.)

    Catch phrases over substance, anyone?

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