How do you like your dox? Ortho or Hetero?

Been surfing the many blogs out there and man… it’s a jungle out there! Found the banal where some 20-something nobody just whines about how nothing happened today… And you expect me to read your blog when that’s the gist of most of your posts? Found the politically whacked out left-wingers though not so many whacked out of the right-wing variety. Of course anyone who is unabashedly liberal with all that truly means today is whacked out to me, but I digress. Found the depraved where they rate porn sites. One guy actually has a blog about his experience with whores, or providers as he calls them.

Finally I figured out a way to narrow the search to Catholic bloggers. It seems the dox of most of the ones I found this way fell strictly on the hetero side… as in heterodox positions which are contrary to accepted teachings of the Church. I know there are plenty of orthodox, faithful blogs out there. I’d like to think this is one. But it just surprised me to find so many heterodox and so few of the orthodox.

My method by the way was to fill in the interests of my profile, view it and click on the word Catholic. That gave me a list of others with Catholic in their profile. Then I surfed to linked blogs.

The following seemed to be common in all or most of the heterodox ones I found.

We need married clergy.

We need women clergy.

The Pope is old and frail with the implication that this robs him of his authority.

The first two will happen eventually.

The Church will allow same sex marriages eventually.

The Church must become a democracy.

Abortion and birth control aren’t necessarily wrong.

The Bishops lost their right to speak out against wrong over the sex scandal.

So what if pro-abort Catholic politicians and others receive Communion?

A lot of the bloggers read the same things like American Catholic and National Catholic Reporter, support Voice of the Faithful and don’t understand why the Church can’t change to conform to the modern world.

Though I get frustrated reading these guys, I think it’s a good idea for all of us concerned with keeping the Church faithful to the Pope and the Magisterium to read the more popular hetero blogs and keep up to date with what happens on that side of the debate.

I think more research is needed and a list of who to keep up to date with is in order. Though I love apologetics geared toward Protestants, I think we need to keep in mind we need apologetics geared toward our own wayward pew-sitters in the Church as well.


  1. alicia

    If you want to find orthodox Catholic blogs, check the blogroll on my site. Or click on the St Blog’s parish webring (link at the bottom of one of my side columns. Or click on the some Catholic blogs link
    Most of us long time (relatively speaking) Catlicker bloggers left blogspot before it was acquired by google, due to a number of issues especially reliability. So don’t just rely on the the blogger profiles.
    I’m curious – did you find my old blogspot site when you did your search? I left it up as a referral but I haven’t checked it out for a few months now.

  2. Fric

    Actually I was just randomly surfing to begin with. Wasn’t really looking for the orthos so much as just browsing. I know about St. Blog’s Parish and plenty of orthodox blogs. I have the code to put the St. Blog link on my page, but haven’t done it yet. Busy. I don’t recall seeing yours, but I wasn’t really paying a whole lot of attention to a lot of them. And only the ones where the owner had the word Catholic in their Interests box in their profile would come up. So yours may not have. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

  3. Jeff Miller

    As Alicia said that out of St. Blogs parish the large majority our orthodox Catholics. There are less then a handfull that lean progressively, but even those ones are tame to some truly heterodox sites.

    A couple of months back Commonweal did an article on blogs and they bemoaned the fact that there was so few progressive blogs.

    Your checklist though is a pretty good indication of heterodox blogs. Another one is that they defend modern hymns such as those published by GIA and OCP. Another one is that they often wrongly use double-effect to justify support of something immoral.

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