Hillary Is An Idiot

Just a couple of days after the 32nd anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized the murder of unborn children up to and during delivery, Hillary Clinton has the audacity to come out and make a speech about how we need to find some common ground so that we can make abortion safe, legal and rare.

What a load of Bovine Excrement!

I am sure she tipped Planned Parenthood and NARAL ahead of time that she was giving this speech to try and trick us ignernt red-staters into voting for baby-killers. Otherwise, there might have been a decline in donations to her Presidential campaign (upcoming). After all Planned Parenthood would likely go out of business if abortions were safe and rare. Neither of which would be true today. PP makes a significant amount of money providing executions of babies in utero and partially out of utero.

Safe? When half the patients involved in a procedure die?

Rare? When it would mean going out of business?

Common ground? What’s the common ground between these two positions?

1. Abortion at any time you want. And that is what safe, legal and rare means. You can have it any time you want. Theoretically, we hope you don’t but will support you wholeheartedly if you do and maybe even do it anyway if you change your mind in the middle right before it’s too late.

2. No abortion. Ever. Mind you this does not include removal of ectopic pregnancies where the intent is to save the mother’s life and the resulting death is an unintended consequence, or similar circumstances.





(sound of crickets chirping)

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