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Kentucky businessmen challenge others to ‘think about God’ each day

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CNS) — Sometimes the most remarkable ideas grow from the simplest of notions. Five successful businessmen in the Louisville area decided that they wanted to help others take a single, simple step toward living a better life each day. They wanted to help people think about God. Bruce Kramer, one of the men behind the effort, said the idea started nearly a year ago and grew from a Bible study group led by his brother, Jim Kramer, at Ascension of Our Lord Parish in Louisville. “I should have been going to the group, but I was busy and I was making excuses,” Bruce Kramer said. “But then I realized that I should be doing something. I realized that I ought to take a little time each day to think about God.” And that’s how ThinkAboutGod LLC was born. The organization has its own logo, its own hats and shirts and other promotional materials. And it now offers an Internet-based service to help others “Think About God” on a daily basis. For $12 a year, subscribers to www.thinkaboutgod.org receive a daily e-mail, which includes a thought-provoking message called a TAGline, a Scripture reference and a “challenge” to take a small step toward improving their lives, treating others better and getting a little closer to God.

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