Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone…

Went to the Vigil Mass last night. We had a huge group (for us) coming into the Church at our parish. We had 5 baptized adults, 6 un-baptized and 5 children. I feel a special affinity for this Mass since I am also a convert. Love the “extras”… the incense… the extra prayers… the blessing of the fire and the candles… I also love the fact that we have more readings. I got to read the Exodus reading, the epistle and the petitions. I love that Exodus reading. So dramatic when read right. Lots of fun to do!

I hope that all of you also had a wonderful Easter.

Also wanted to point out that the Pope repeated a call for an agreement to be arranged amongst all Christians to celebrate Easter on the same date. This year the Orthodox Churches and the Western Church (plus Protestants) all celebrated Easter on the same date. The Orthodox still use the Julian calendar to set their liturgical calendar, while the West uses the newer Gregorian calendar. I would love to see that happen. The more ties we can rebuild to the East the sooner we can become a unified Church again.

One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic…

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