Gone for 10 days and there’s no end to stuff to post on…

I missed out on so much stuff that could have been commented on. Darn it!

I will comment on several things though. The first is the statement by Bishop Aquila about pro-abort Catholics.

The Bishop, showing the proverbial episcopal spine that Mark Shea talks about, has said that pro-abort Catholics risk their very souls to damnation. In other words he comes out and tells it like it is!

His Emminence said that the situation with Kerry and others has forced his hand. He can no longer sit by and not speak out. Most telling was this statement:

I, as a successor of the apostles, cannot remain silent. I, as an apostle, must speak with the apostles and obey God rather than man and present to you the teaching of the Church on the proper relationship between our faith and professional life.

He knows his position and the inherent responsibilities that come with it. Not only are the bishops to teach the truth, they are to do so in communion with the Apostles as their direct successors. He understands that his position comes with great responsibility and he is not shirking it.

He is a leader.

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