Get the Baltimore Catechism at Barnes and Noble

Went ahead and bought my copies for me and the girls today off of Barnes and Noble’s website. The three books are for 1-2 grades and First Communion, 3-5 grades and 6-8 grades and Confirmation. Since my girls are spaced just perfectly, I only needed to order 2 copies of the ones I don’t have and 1 more of the one I do. Neither girl will be in the same volume at the same time.

Go here to find the books at the BN website. The first three books are the ones you want. They will cost you $3.75, $2.25 and $2.95 each. Can’t beat that deal.


  1. Anonymous

    You might also like to get a copy of the Gasparri Catechism (check abebooks or another used bookseller). I was turned on to this great resource by one of the bloggers at Envoy ENcore (you can probably find a link to the posting in their archives)
    alicia from fructusventris posting from work

  2. Fric

    Alicia… Thanks for the heads up. I am going to pursue a Certified Catechist standing and Director of Religous Ed work and am collecting teaching materials. Luckily I will have an opportunity to teach CCD classes this fall as our parish has 2 openings. When I find the link, I will post it to the main page.

  3. Deacon

    As an additional comment, I found that has the very same items and pretty much the same prices. I just ordered all three for my kids too.

    (I have been an amazon user versus B&N and have been extremely satisifed with all my purchases there.)

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