Galarraga was Screwed

Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers took a PERFECT GAME into the 9th inning of tonight’s game against the Indians. Got the first out on a spectactular catch by CF Austin Jackson. Second out was routine. 26 up and 26 down. No hits, no walks. 27th batter hits what appears to be a routine grounder to first. 1B Miguel Cabrera thows to Armando covering first. Looks like the game is in the books. However, the umpire calls the runner safe.

This is a travesty of unimaginal proportions for the pitcher and the team. The runner was CLEARLY out by a full step. MLB has seen 2 official perfect games in May and this would have been the 3rd in 23 days. There hasn’t been more than 1 in a single season since the 1800s. This was history in the making.

While it won’t go in the books as a perfect game, it was. Not only that, it was the only 28 out perfect game in history. Unless the scorer changes the call from a hit to an error of some kind, this will be a 1-hitter. Changing it to an error would not restore the perfect game, but it would at least acknowledge the no hitter.

A travesty of almost Biblical proportions.

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