Fr. Corapi ROCKS!

Just got back to the hotel from a Splendor of Truth conference in Lexington, KY…

Fr. Corapi is the speaker tonight and tomorrow. Not only did my 7 and my 10 year old girls absolutely demand to go with myself and Mrs. Fric, they were absolutely riveted by him. Emma, the oldest, has her Cathlolic Maniacs for Kids blog and commented to me about half way through the second session she wanted to do some blogging about this. She was absolutely animated in a way I rarely see her any more when it comes to Church. She was truly touched by Fr. Corapi in a way I never expected. She said she wanted to run up and hug him!

Can’t wait to see what she blogs and to see her reaction tomorrow.

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  1. Nick

    I heard Fr. Corapi at Emmaeus near Austin, TX several years back. He’s like a Fulton Sheen for today. I was delighted to tune into EWTN to see him and Fr. Richard John Neuhaus conversing with Rarmond Arroyo in Rome just after John Paul II died.

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