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Item 1

Surprised our good Deacon or Fric hasn’t jumped over to put this up but the Deacon sent it by email to our little circle of bloggers so I will put up a bit of his email.

WARNING this is very offensive and we could not believe it actually rated mentioning in a section of the Louisville Courier Journal our newpaper. It show an utter lack of sensitivity what so ever to a large part of the population in the area that is catholic much less some of the merchandise the jerk is selling promoting a love of abortion should outrage any person who has a respect for life no matter what there religion.

” Be ready to be offended.

If you haven’t seen “The Buzz” section in Today’s courier Journal – here’s the website it refers to. This was above the fold, picture at the top – first article on the left hand Column of the Features section.


This is news?

This is worth giving notice too?

Yes, when the last line is about that “Clinton’s canonization is great compared with the current president”. (Propaganda put forth as news yet again.)

What offends me most is taking a image of great reverence from MY FAITH and applying it to a human being, particularly one as morally bankrupt and self serving as him.”

I hope any and all who see this here and is offended by it as we are that they would please send a note of displeasure to both the owner of this site and the newspaper for promoting it by making it seem like news.

Item 2

While wandering around in a Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Indianapolis area today I something stood out to me that I hadnt really noticed before that I think is a good warning sign of just how fast our basic society is sinking. A section of books about 4 feet wide and 5 feet tall with the title of Gay and Lesbian section. I find it dishearten to see it so promontories display where any including teenagers or pretence could walk up and start taking in all the titles of how to have a good gay relationship(definitely sounds like a contradiction in terms to me) or titles saying its okay to be gay. Its hard enough for our people young or old these days to have a healthy relationship let alone this trash out there for any confused soul to start reading. Another thing is there even an age limit on who can purchase these books or even the ones that promote great physical relationships. Can you 16 year old teenager just pick up a copy without the parent being the wiser. This is something that should definitely be looked into even if there is no pornographic material in them they can still be just as dangerous. Of course I am sure there would be some liberals out there that would sream freedom of speech and all that but lets cut down to the basic fact that some material is not appropriate for those under eighteen and even older then that from the level of maturity we are seeing in today’s world.

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