Episcopal Church is Inconsistent on Gays

Just read an article about a gay wedding in the ECUSA. Seems a “priest” who is divorced (was married and had 5 kids) “married” his gay partner. He told his “bishop” in advance and was given the OK. But there was a big deal made in the media. The “bishop” basically defrocked him.

(Is that hate speech? To defrock a gay person? Seems iffy.)

Anyway, it seems as though the offenders were in trouble because it got all the press, not because they got “married”. There are some “dioceses” in the ECUSA that will bless same-sex unions. We already know that there are many in the Anglican Union, which the ECUSA is a part of, that have no problem treating the gay lifestyle as normal and equal to heterosexual lifestyles.

How do they square this stuff with the Bible and with themselves? Without going into the details we know that there is nothing in the Bible that will bless, allow or even just ignore homosexual behavior. So they have that to ignore. And we know that they will allow the blessings of these unions and even elevate a known, admitted practicing homosexual to “bishop”. That by the way would be fornication as well as homosexual acts.

So it’s OK to fornicate for homosexuals and maybe get blessed, but not to cause a big deal about it, intentionally or not?

If it’s so embarrassing to you that someone on earth should notice and be offended, what are you going to do when you stand before God for His judgment?

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