Christianity is, in Ted Turner’s phrase, “a religion for losers.”

Teddy boy you may be able to make a great Civil War movie but some things you don’t have a clue.

Many people assume “true” Christianity is wholly and utterly altruistic and sentimental. Often, to illustrate this, Jesus’ command to the rich young man (“Go, sell all you have, give it to the poor, and then come and follow Me”) is trotted out to support the notion that the gospel is a sort of dreary altruism. It appears that Christianity is, in Ted Turner’s phrase, “a religion for losers.”

Great article by Mark Shea on the benefits of Belief. We receive back anything we give up many times over and in the end gain so much more then the accumulation of material things.

And that brings us back to folks who think that Christianity is a sort of drab combination of hypocrisy and sentimentality for losers. In reality, it is the startling news that God is challenging us to bring ourselves to Him (and to those around us) and enter into life. So far from being sentimental, the Faith is hard-headed reality for people with guts (while television-induced Sunday morning self-composting is precisely what keeps us from facing life, buries us in sentimentality, and trains us to be couch potatoes).

This isn’t a walk in the park religion but a true faith that requires us to devote full attention to our spiritual life. This is a religion that requires living with gusto and not some half hearted attempt to pass the time. Only by this attitude can we attain all that is promised in the end.


  1. Thomas, I disagree heartily for several reasons. Primarily, because it implies that salvation is entirely something we bring about ourselves. Your statement makes it a work to be accomplished by us, rather than something the Lord Jesus Christ did for us. No matter how nice I am to others or how hard I work on their behalf, that alone will not get me into Heaven. Blessed Theresa of Calcutta, probably the best example of someone loving their neighbor, didn’t do anything to earn her way into Heaven.

    While God can save anyone HE chooses to, the normative means of salvation is through Christianity, the fullness of which can only be found in the Catholic Church. I pray that all non-Catholics will somehow be saved, but I think that their best shot comes from living as a faithful Catholic, repenting of their sins and sinning no more as the Lord said many times in the Gospels.

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