Cardinal George in Chicago Shows Some Spine After All

Cardinal George, whom I have not been necessarily lenient on, has shown that he is willing to stand up to those who want to use the Eucharist as a political statement.

See the story here.

Seems there is a gay group that wears a rainbow sash on Pentecost each year to Church. It is undeniably attached to this group and this day. There’s no other meaning nor group associated that could be blamed or take responsibility. Therefore the Cardinal was emminently correct to instruct his priests to refuse communion to those wearing the sash. It’s one thing not to judge people who are not public figures when receiving. How can you know their heart?

Public politicians with a track record and who have been corrected by the Church who persist should be denied. We have covered that pretty well here I think.

But now attention is being drawn to activists who are trying to make a statement by publicly identifying themselves as homosexuals who have an agenda. So it follows that anyone who presents themselves to receive should be denied. These people are trying to make a scene and get publicity. If you come to the alter with any reason other than to receive the Body and the Blood in faith and obedience, you do not belong there.

Just my opinion…

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