Canadian Priest Running For Office

Seems like there’s a lot going on this week. Stuff to comment on and talk about. I’m surprised the rest of the Maniacs haven’t picked up the slack this week. Especially Guvnur. 🙂

Just off the top of my head…

A priest in Canada is running for office and seems to be pro-abort. His statements were typical of pro-abort pols that say there are more important issues and that there’s a responsibility that goes with having rights over one’s body, etc…

Anybody else feel like you’ve been slapped in the face? There’s so much wrong here, it’s unbelievable. No one has a right to do evil and the Church has definitively defined abortion as objectively evil. Therefore no one can be a “good” Catholic and be pro-abortion. You might make the argument that a layperson can have an improperly formed conscience though it boggles my mind. But you simply cannot make that argument in the case of a priest! He has stepped outside communion with the Church. If the quotes I have seen are true, then there is no doubt. Also, there’s that little directive from the Vatican that is supposed to prohibit priests from running for office. Though I am seriously trying to come down on the side of charity and mercy in situations where you must judge a person’s motives based on their actions… I have to say this priest should be suspended immediately pending a review by his Bishop. If he refuses to recant and end his campaign, then more severe penalties should be imposed. Laicization and excommunication is not out of the question.

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